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Adrian Borland in Retromania; Pop Culture’s Addiction to its Own Past

date: Mar 11, 2012


In his latest book ‘Retromania; Pop Culture’s Addiction to its Own Past’, the music critic Simon Reynolds argues that pop culture in general has become obsessed with recycling from history. In pop music we have seen a tsunami of reunion tours, deluxe reissues, live performances of classic albums in their entirety, and that to which Reynolds calls “underground musicians’ fetish for obsolete formats such as vinyl”.

On the same vein, Holland, will see the return of ‘Vinyl’ – the legendary Dutch magazine about new music in the 1980s. With layouts inspired by contemporaries ‘The Face’ and ‘New Sounds/New Styles’ the magazine featured talented bands that were on the brink of their breakthrough and in-depth interviews with unknown, but innovative musicians including Adrian Borland (frontman of The Sound), Mick Karn (bass player of Japan), and Mark Brzezicki (drummer of Big Country).

In the Vinyl 2012 issue, a team of editors, led by Marcel Harlaar (a 1980s Vinyl enthusiast himself who read the issues from front to backcover), presents articles with ‘usual suspects’ of the magazine including Marc Almond and David Sylvian. Also, stories on UK Bass, a new dance wave; the re-birth of the cassette, a list compiled by the 2012 editors of promising bands of 2012, and a trip down memory lane wherein the 1980s editors and contributors discuss the highlights, and share anecdotes, of the magazine’s past.

‘Vinyl 2012’ shows that the magazine is still relevant and has its finger on the pulse with what’s happening, or will happen, in the music scene. It’s a pity that the reissue is a one-off. Hopefully ‘Vinyl 2012’ will inspire reissues of other revered 1980s magazine such as ‘The Face’ or ‘Blitz’ magazine, as we, to put in the words of a hit classic of that period: ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’.

‘Vinyl 2012?, comes as a collectorsbox with a special reissue of the cd ’ULTRA’ (Dutch experimental music from the early 1980s). Available from 2 March at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, Amsterdam.

Written by Thierry Somers
Picture: Vinyl cover 2012, issue 1, March 2012

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