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Adrian Borland - Brittle Heaven - 4 star review (David Cavanagh may 1992)

date: May 10, 1992


Adrian Borland and The Citizens - "Brittle Heaven" 

In 1981 Adrian Borland's epic pop band The Sound looked like they might make the populist leap about to be pulled off by U2 and Echo& The Bunnymen. It never happened. Borland, an unfashionably left-handed guitarist somewhat unplagued by glamour, buried himself deeper in his songs until the band split in the late '80s. Now exiled in Amsterdam, at the helm of this on/off combo that includes ex- Waterboys sax man Anto Thistlethwaite, he's still blessed with a young man's voice and still aiming stoically for daytime radio.

Those close to him speak of alarmingly debilitating depressions, but the songs on Brittle Heaven are punchy, immediate in an understated kind of way and-on "Faithful", "All The Words" and the title track-possessed of a strange, dizzy optimism that proves that little guys can have anthems too. 

David Cavanagh 

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