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Adrian Borland - Cinematic review (Alternative Press nr.105 1997)

date: Oct 2, 1997


Adrian Borland - Cinematic

Here is the story of a young English punk from the '70s and his travails in the music biz over the next 20 years. Working in near anonymity with bands such as the Outsiders, the Sound and Second Layer, our hero remains resolute in his effort to bring honest, heartfelt and challenging records to a small group of dedicated followers. Ultimately, he settles on a solo career and sets his sights on spreading his message to the denizens of America. Cinematic in scope, sound and lyrical content, this album is everything you'd expect from a cultured cult artist such as Borland.

On "Bright White Light," lyrical and musical tension build simultaneously. Guitars chime, and imposing electronics provide atmospheric nuances while Borland's emphatic chorus lays it on the line: "At the heart of destruction lies the soul of discontent/And a bright white light will blind you in the end " Issues involving struggles with identity, world-weary ambition and the concessions of simple survival are sung righteously with that salty, British post-punk flavor. Everybody is a star, but Borland's cinematic life is well worth watching.

1998 Mitch Myers

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