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Adrian Borland - Cinematic review (Babysue 1996)

date: May 11, 1996


Adrian Borland - Cinematic

Adrian Borland has been making music for some twenty odd years, but only now is his music getting released in the United States. This makes me realize (once again) that there are so many (...thousands even) incredible artists out there that there simply aren't enough people to provide an adequate audience for all of them. Adrian's past bands were the Outsiders and the Sound, who fared much better in Britain than they did the U.S.

This, Adrian's fourth release, serves as an introduction for me. The guy's got a really great baritone voice, and he knows how to write good tunes. The arrangements are full and lush, the melodies very direct and hummable. This is the kind of thing that will appeal (hopefully) to a wide spectrum of folks. Top picks: "Bright White Light," "Night Cascade," "Western Veil," and "Spanish Hotel."

Babysue 1996

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