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Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction review (Aloha 01-07-2002)

date: Jul 1, 2002


ADRIAN BORLAND - Harmony & Destruction (The Unfinished Journey)

Oppressive final chord

Never speak ill of the dead. And that certainly goes for Adrian Borland, whose band The Sound was rated higher than U2 by many Dutch rockfans in 1982. But the tide turned and Borland, who was suffering from heavy depressions, muddled on with a solo career; to take his own life in April 1999, in the middle of the recordings of a new album. Those final recordings - demos in a manner of speaking - are now, a bit patched up, finally released. This is definitely not an album to gain a new posthumous following. It's too premature, dark and low seasoned for that. But the Dutch fans that cherished Adrian - and there are quite a lot - will definitely want to obtain this final chord, which is - especially when it comes to the lyrics - very oppressive. In 'Heart Goes Down Like The Sun' he sings: 'No one will know how low I've come down'. We all knew what he meant a couple of weeks later.

Peter Bruyn - Aloha 04-07-2002 translated by Rients Bootsma

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