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Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction review (Dagblad v.h Noorden 16-05-2002)

date: May 16, 2002


ADRIAN BORLAND - Harmony & Destruction (The Unfinished Journey)
Red Sun Records - Bertus

With his head held high Englishman Adrian Borland took his life three years ago. Not that he didn't love life itself but because his illness left him no other choice. From that point of view it's very hard to listen to his final introspective recordings. Borland, who made furore in the 80's with THE SOUND, considered Harmony & Destruction (The Unfinished Journey) as his legacy to his fans. The loving and understanding linernotes in the booklet written by his mother are very moving. Borland who never got the recognition that fellow contemporaries Echo & The Bunnymen or U2 got, is very honest about his mental state en predicts his nearing end without much ado, Destiny Stopped Screaming.

The CD wasn't completely finished when Borland died but has been completed in the spirit of this unsurpassed culthero. Everyone who once felt sympathetic towards this sensitive man will find these fourteen previously unreleased songs to be a worthy goodbye.

2002 Peter van der Heide - in Dagblad van het Noorden  translated by Rients Bootsma

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