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Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction review ( LiveXs 01-07-2002)

date: Jul 1, 2002


ADRIAN BORLAND - Harmony & Destruction (The Unfinished Journey)

A little more than three years after the demise of ex-The Sound mainman Adrian Borland brings us the release of Harmony & Destruction, the album he didn't finish. The man has a very faithful following in Holland and they will be very pleased with this - demo like- album. But what is the situation? A few people who worked closely with Borland have completed the final recordings by using some of the vocals from the original demos. They have succeeded very well, in fact very impressively. Everything has been done in the spirit of Borland and if you wouldn't know any better you might think that the recordings were finalized in his very presence. A great compliment, because it doesn't only sound natural and confident, it is also one of the best solo-albums of the man who (especially in Holland) was responsible for the classic album "From The Lions Mouth" with The Sound. He would have been satisfied.

Roel Bouman - LiveXs 29-06-2002 translated by Rients Bootsma

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