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Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction review (OOR 30-05-2002)

date: May 30, 2002


ADRIAN BORLAND - Harmony & Destruction (The Unfinished Journey)

To listen uninhibited to Adrian Borland's 'Harmony & Destruction' is impossible. After all, this album, the second posthumous album after 'Last Days Of The Rain Machine', contains the final music that Adrian Borland was working on before he threw himself in front of a train on the 26th of April 1999. The final exit of a gifted musician who never reached a broad audience with his music, nor as the leader of The Sound, nor with his solo career. 'Harmony & Destruction (subtitle: The Unfinished Journey) has been completed after Borland's death in the spirit of the musician and with some vocal emergency measures.

The album exposes the deplorable state of mind of Adrian Borland and shows traces of The Bunnymen & U2. It cannot compete with the classical Sound albums 'From The Lions Mouth' and 'Jeopardy' but carries a plethora of songs that showcases the fact that, with the death of Borland, we have lost a master craftsman of British Indiepop. Best examples are the light footed 'Summer Wheels', the ink black, modest 'Heart Goes Down Like The Sun' and the dynamic 'Living On The Edge Of God'. Let's close off with a text fragment of 'Solar': - And every year l end this hibernation - Take the usual trains to new destinations - To be born again, dragged towards the light. sleep softly, Adrian

RENE MEGENS - OOR 30-05-2002 translated by Rients Bootsma

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