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Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction review (Van Leest 02-07-2002)

date: Jul 2, 2002


ADRIAN BORLAND - Harmony & Destruction (The Unfinished Journey)

There has been enough said and written about the circumstances why Adrian Borland (ex-Sound) commited suicide. And I won't add anymore to this subject, but it remains a great pity that we have lost one of the most talented (and misunderstood) singer/songwriters of his generation. Posthumous we now see the release of 'Harmony & Destruction'; according to the cd-booklet the album has been released in the way Adrian Borland would have wanted it. At least the tracklisting because some of the vocals have been taken from earlier demos. Maybe that's the reason why these fourteen songs cut right through your soul and the cliché that this is the best album that Borland has released isn't that far from the truth.

'Harmony & Destruction' isn't reaching the level of The Sound's 'From the Lions Mouth' but it belongs to the best albums Borland has released in his solo career. Subtitle of the CD is [Unfinished Journey] which means that the album has been finished using the 'pre-production' notes maintained by Borland. Which is probably the reason why the songs sound 'finished', only a bit rawer then we are used from Borland (especially the intense vocals). At least we get some real Borland masterpieces again on 'Harmony & Destruction', like the modest 'Summer Wheels', the depressive 'Heart Goes Down Like The Sun' where Borland exposes himself ( No one will know how low I've come down ) and 'Song Damn Song' where Borland asks himself : 'What drives these confessions, what kind of reward'. There have been a lot of posthumous albums but none of them has touched me as 'Harmony & Destruction' does. A worthy goodbye of a worthy man.

RBa - Van Leest Magazine 04-07-2002 translated by Rients Bootsma

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