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Adrian Borland - Interview with Adrian on Leidsekade Live 1992

date: May 1, 1992


This is an interview that was taken during the BRITTLE HEAVEN promo tour on the Dutch Radio "KRO's Leidsekade Live" in 1992 

Interviewer: Adrian, it's really good to have you on the show because your SOUND album "FROM THE LIONS MOUTH" was one of my favourites while I was young. 

Adrian: You've got good taste there! 

Interviewer: In my introduction the first hour I said journalists always write about the great atmosphere in your music, are you happy with that description? 

Adrian: Yeah I think a lot of it is about atmosphere, it's more than that, more than it's about like riffs and power and stuff. It's about building up things and than they become powerful in the end or something. 

Interviewer: Do you really work on that to get this atmosphere on you records? 

Adrian: It's kind of, er, if you work with someone as sort of strange as "me" the atmosphere comes very natural I think. 

Interviewer: (laughs) Your cd is called "BRITTLE HEAVEN", I think it's great but in one thing or another you're swimming against the tide. You know what I mean? 

Adrian: Yeah, but that's the best thing to do isn't it? The worst thing to do for any musician is to just follow what they see as going on, with house music or something, because that's really so easy to do you know. 

Interviewer: Your album is really great but I think it's pretty hard to get it on the radio or to get it on the radio in England. 

Adrian: Not really, there are a few places where you can hear it. I mean, if people want to hear this music they can get to hear it, find it themselves you know. 

Interviewer: Members of the Dutch band SJAKO! played on your record and they also tour with you. How did you meet SJAKO!? 

Adrian: Well I sort of came over for a holiday and I decided to stay, I met Rob Acda my manager and he introduced me to the SJAKO! guys. And than we got Victor (Heeremans) on keyboards, which is a very natural thing you know, it just clicked straight away. We did one song in a rehearsal studio and it was something like okay let's start a band. 

Interviewer: Is there any difference between English musicians and Dutch musicians? 

Adrian: No not really, they're all lazy, really lazy people. English musicians are probably worse though they spent more time down in the pub and they smell worse because they don't wash! 

Interviewer: (laughs) People say that in England you really have to work as a musician because there's little to back you up financially. 

Adrian: Well for some people, for some people it's all there on a plate. Like MTV EASY sort of thing. Other people we have to work. That's a quote from Lou Reed. 

Interviewer: (laugs) Thank you Lou and thank you Adrian! 

Taken from Dutch Radio "KRO's Leidsekade Live" in 1992

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