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Adrian Borland - Interview with Simon Heavisides in 1992

date: Feb 1, 1992


Simon - One thing I must ask is, are the Sound going to reform? I've heard rumours that you were planning to.
Adrian-No they're not, it's my fault 'cos I started this rumour at an Iggy or Kraftwerk gig earlier this year, it's definitely not happening, for a start the person who probably won't do it is the drummer. But even Graham & Max have gone off the idea now. Graham & I are going to do something in the future, but we're so busy you know? When I'm not busy he's busy, we never find the right moment. Did you ever hear SECOND LAYER?
Simon - Yes I've got that stuff.
Simon -Yes.
Adrian - We're going to do a more dancey version of that, I think, more "industrial dance."
Simon - What have you been doing for the last two years since the last L.P?
Adrian - Since ALEXANDRIA I've been writing my new one, in fact it's nearly done. The bass, drums, guitars & keyboards have all been done in HOLLAND, I'm taking a tour week break to get myself back to full strength to do the vocals because the vocals have got to be really good.
Simon - It's been ages...
Adrian - Well it'll be out in March, it's going to be called "BRITTLE HEAVEN". Because it begins with a B, I'm doing a sort of A-Z of solo albums! (laughs.)
Simon - I hope it gets to the end
Adrian - Well I don't know if it will at this rate, 'cos I'm not selling many albums now. The last album only sold about 5-10,000 in Europe.
Simon - What about ENGLAND? Adrian - In ENGLAND it only sold about a 1000.
Simon - I found it really hard to get hold of.
Adrian - The distribution was absolutely appalling, did you have to go to London to get it?
Simon - I had to order it.
Adrian - Hopefully that'll be sorted out this time.
Simon - Will it be on PLAY IT AGAIN SAM?
Adrian - It will, yeah.
Simon - Do they treat you well?
Adrian - Well they've stuck with me, I mean they're not terrible to me, I think Kenny is more involved with other things now, but I mean at least I helped get the label off the ground so they sort of owe me one, I also did a lot of production work for the label in the early days. But, by the time the album comes out I may have a different story! But they've done all right for me so far. At least they're putting my records out which is more than I can expect of the major labels in this country, who really couldn't give a shit! It's hard to get your music heard you know.
Simon -I know!
Adrian - Well you're in band, yeah.
Simon - Does the l.p. follow on sound wise from ALEXANDRIA?
Adrian - No, I don't think it does, I think it's gone back more towards THE SOUND.
Simon - I'm not complaining' although I do like the last l.p . Are you pleased with ALEXANDRIA?
Adrian - I was pleased with it, some people said to me they're not quite sure what it is 'cos it's not rock'n'roll, it's not folk, but I said surely that's great, to do something that you don't quite know what it is. But they go no, 'cos they like things to be more straightforward. I think if people aren't sure what it is, then I might actually have achieved something and made a really in-between, crossover album, between like a kind of orchestral music, folk music and rock. And you're saying you don't like it 'cos it's not one or the other.
Simon - Some of the music papers slagged things like, "LIGHT THE SKY" for being too M.O.R.
Adrian - Yeah, well so what' R.E.M. are M.O.R by that token, and they get rave reviews. I don't know, you've got to build up a name and get the right journalist reviewing the right things.
Simon - I can see that, I used to naively think it was fair! (laughs).
Adrian - No of course it's not' (laughs). Most of the time you get fans reviewing things, I mean if Chris Roberts reviews my stuff I get a great review. or if Mat Smith gets his hands on it, there's even one guy at the N.M.H Simon Williams or Simon Dudfield.
Simon - They've ignored you a bit haven't they?
Adrian - Well N.M.E have ignored me terribly.
Simon - I don't like the paper.
Adrian - Well I don't really mind it I still buy it, I buy them both. But they haven't really treated me very fairly considering...o.k. maybe I'm not that important, but I'm not so below everything as to not be mentioned at all!
Simon - So, what do think of the music press overall?
Adrian - Well it does its job. As I said before you talk too much about music and if you don't know what the thing sounds like those words are all wasted really. Music is best talked about with a knowledge of what it sounds like, I mean it I was talking about lGGY AND THE STOOGES I presume other people know what I'm sounds like music speaks so much louder than words anyway. It's important for people to be able to hear things. So they can say I don't care what the music press says about this. I like it or I hate it.
Simon - You just have to go by the music press at the moment.
Adrian - Yeah and they're not even describing music, they're describing personalities. So it's getting a bit stale, and I must say all these one word bands are getting a bit too much. CURVE were the limit really.
Simon - I like CURVE.
Adrian - Well I think they were the limit in terms of "one wordness"? I think they chose they're name with that in mind, they are pretty cynical CURVE.
Simon - I don't know, a lot of people say that.
Adrian - She's a really beautiful girl and they've got some interesting ideas. Musically they're not that bad, but they are are a tad cynical I think.
Simon - Do you go and see a lot of bands?
Adrian - No, not really. I wonder why anyone bothers to come and see me 'cos I don't go out and see other people! When I'm in HOLLAND I go and see more bands 'cos I feel it's more an open scene over there.
Simon - Where do you stay over there?
Adrian - Haarlem I stay about half the year.
Simon - Do you stay with friends?
Adrian - Yeah, I stay in a little attic room.
Simon - Do you like it?
Adrian - Apart from the occasional bouts of loneliness when everyone's at work and I'm doing nothing.
Simon - So you don't "work"...
Adrian - Well I work at my music, but not conventional work. But that could all change next year 'cos l could be in trouble financially. Of course the recession doesn't look too good for jobs does it? So I could have got myself into a right hole (laughs). Still I could always do some production; you know I did INTO PARADISE?
Simon - Yeah I love that stuff. You've' produced a few other things as well like FELT.
Adrian - Yeah,
Simon - That surprised me when I bought it and saw your name on it! What was it like?
Adrian - An absolute nightmare (laughs) Lawrence was the producer really, there's no way anyone's going to tell Lawrence what FELT'S going to sound like. But I think I really focussed them, there was a review in N.M.E that said FELT have never had so much direction, cue mention Adrian Borland, but not in N.M.E? (laughs) You know. Christ! The INTO PARADISE l.p.s' both got 9 and 10. But no mention of me, thanks a lot guys? They must have it in for me some of them. l don't know what I've done... (laughs) It must have been when I threatened to throw Don Watson through a window. I went up there, it was in 1983, I was really stroppy and I was really drunk. I had a bottle of German wine in my gut and a bottle in the pocket of my long black coat, (laughs.) in the middle of June!
Simon - 1983 was a weird time for you wasn't it?
Adrian - Yeah cos THE SOUND were virtually splitting up. We lost our deal with WARNER BROTHERS, so it was a hard time for us.
Simon - What was the deal like and how did you actually get it?
Adrian - Well, I think someone who now manages an audio visual company, Steve Budd, he sent a tape of about 8 bands that he'd got involved with to WEA and they picked out "HEARTLAND" as being the best song and then we just sort of got the deal. From there we got onto KOROVA which was run by Rob Dickens who was the head of WEA. Yeah that's right.. it was sort of his personal label, with the BUNNYMEN.
Simon - Was it a good deal or not?
Adrian - It was a terrible deal! (laughs) Money-wise it was pathetic, but we didn't really care about that. We never really have cared enough about that; on the other hand we have survived. I mean to an extent we've kept an eye on our money more than most bands, as we've always managed ourselves. So we'd always know where the money was going, it may not have been a lot but we never got into debt. I know the COMSAT ANGELS got into incredible debt.
Simon - I've been trying to get in touch with them.
Adrian - Yeah I'd like to see Steve again, I wonder what he's doing now? He's not making music anymore is he?
Simon - Well they changed their name to the HEADHUNTERS.
Adrian - You're joking? Same people?
Simon - Yes, I saw the C.S.A. live and they had a lot of good new songs. They recorded an l.p. but it was never released.
Adrian - He never really was rock'n'roll though was he, old Steve. It was good to be like that in the early 80's it was part of the attitude. Now people like Bobby Gillespie have swung it all back again, good on him really I quite like PRIMAL SCREAM.
Simon - Yeah I've got the l.p.
Adrian - Is it really good?
Simon - lt's good. But not as good as they've said it is.
Adrian - No, I'm interested in them. "HIGHER THAN THE SUN" I was impressed by. It's got an incredibly unique feel, sort drifting in and out; I think it's brilliant.
Simon - What happened when you got dropped by WEA?
Adrian - Well, I think we actually walked off WEA because we got fed up of the treatment and the way things were going. They never told us what to do musically. I always liked that and to this day no one's really tried to tell me what to do musically. So I get the chance to make the records I want that's why I've got this small cult following 'cos even though I'm not doing any thing extreme there are still things in it that maybe people shouldn't say or ...but I still do anyway.
Simon - You've not betrayed the original idea.
Adrian - Yeah whatever my original idea is it gets onto tape, and that's what people like I think that they can hear it, it's coming from somewhere, it's not that extreme it's not MARY CHAIN it's not STOOGES
Simon - Its fairly unique.
Adrian - You tell me what it is; it's not up to me to say. I just do my best.
Simon - I think that's where the COMSATS went wrongly letting people tell them what to do.
Adrian - Yeah, you lose your following unless you break big. Simon - Why don't you tour ENGLAND more?
Adrian - Well I have played two gigs'
Simon - Yeah I was at one. Adrian - King's Head or Dingwalls? Simon - Dingwalls.
Adrian - We weren't very good at Dingwalls, Kings Head was much better. Why don't we play? I'll tell you why. 'cos the bands DUTCH, and it's so expensive to get the whole band over here. The other way round doesn't apply 'cos the money you can get payed in HOLLAND far exceeds the money you can get in ENGLAND to play a gig, so you can take a band from ENGLAND to HOLLAND, but you can't do it the other way round. It's just, I don't know, Its a question of...I don't know how many would turn up say in Sheffield, maybe 20?
Simon - We were saying just the other night, wouldn't it be great if you could play in Bristol...
Adrian - THE SOUND played Bristol.
Simon - Yeah in '82. I wasn't aware of the band then.
Adrian - There were about 300 people there it was all right. We'll play there again, but I think we need a bit more attention in the British press. If that happens with the album I'll play, I'd love to play ENGLAND more.
Simon - Do you enjoy playing live? (obvious question!)
Adrian - Yeah, I do, Dingwalls I didn't enjoy as the band were a bit drunk!
Simon - I enjoyed it, I'd been waiting to see you live again for ages. Did you enjoy that acoustic gig earlier this year?
Adrian - Mean Fiddler, no I hated that!
Simon - I thought you did. I've got a tape of it, you don't sound happy on it!
Adrian - It was a perfunctory performance. I've given up that solo stuff, all that mularky! (laughs.)
Simon - What are the titles of the new songs? I've heard "TIDAL WAVE GOODBYE" and "UNFAITHFUL". Adrian - No "FAITHFUL", that's the first song on the album.
Simon - I've got it on a tape from Europe.
Adrian - Live in Europe! Are you serious!?
Simon - Yeah, there are people recording all your gigs, you'd be amazed.
Adrian - I think I would be amazed!
Simon - Is TERRY BICKERS on the L.P?
Adrian - No, he was going to be. But the guy who's on there is brilliant. Did I tell you how I met TERRY BICKERS at the Town & Country Club? I was waiting for HOUSE OF LOVE to come on and I got a tap on the shoulder. and it's BICKERS saying." Hi Adrian, I really love your guitar playing". And I said, that's weird 'cos I'm waiting for you to come on and I really love your guitar playing! It's incredible... what's going on!? I'll tell you about the new L.P, the CD' ll have 14 songs, or at least 12. The whole thing's the story of a relationship, that goes well and then goes wrong, it's really good. A lot of the song's are really tense, they're great, there's a song called "LOWLAND" which I think is going to' REALLY knock you for six!
Simon - I can hardly wait! (laughs)
Adrian - "FAITHFUL's" on it, the title track. "BRITTLE HEAVEN". which is one of my favourite songs I've written. Yeah it's going to be good, I can't really explain it's very hard to talk about music when you haven't heard it.
Simon- Yeah I know what you mean.
Adrian - That's where a lot of the music press is loosing its way. 'cos I'm hearing about all these bands, but I've got no idea what they sound like so I imagine they all sound the same purely because I haven't heard them!
Simon - There's so much to sift through these days.
Adrian - All these one word bands!
Simon - FRUIT!! (laughs) (FRUIT is Simon's own band at that time - ribo)
Adrian - My favourite is RIDE.
Simon - Yeah I like RIDE.
Adrian - They've got the roost intelligent use of power, I think "DREAMS BURN DOWN", that bit where it's just so beautiful. I don't know if it's music or not really.
Simon - Live I don't think they quite do it.
Adrian - I've not seen them live, I've heard them live on TV. But that doesn't count. But I can tell something's missing he's just murmuring the vocals. The whole point about RIDE is that you've got these two guitars and then you get MORE and it's the more that matters. It's not just two guitars droning away. Live I suppose they just press their fuzz pedal. But it's more than that on record, it's a layer plus the fuzz PLUS the tunes, they quite remind me of JOY DIVISION at times.
Simon - I know what you mean. Have you heard of CHlCANE? I think you'd like them there's something about them that reminds me of THE SOUND.
Adrian - Well, I don't think THE SOUND are that influential...
Simon - I've noticed that quite a lot of people speak highly of the band.
Adrian - Yeah, there's a few people, a lot of musicians, who like THE SOUND, but I don't think THE SOUND are going to be seen as that important.
Simon - Do you think that's a bit sad or don't you really care? Adrian - No, I don't really care, we've influenced enough people, and we've really affected some people's lives, which is quite a nice thing to do, so yeah it's nice. Have you heard of a band called DEAN DWYER?'
Simon - Yes, I tried to get hold of their 12", but I couldn't.
Adrian - I've got it at home. They're brilliant, really good.
Simon - I bought the WAITING SOUND 12" (produced by ADRIAN)
Adrian - Yeah it's ok, they've split up now, two of them are in a band called Spinning Jenny, I kept telling them it's a terrible name! (laughs). I keep wishing I could play you the new album, but it's not finished, we've got a track called, "PRISONER OF THE SUN" which has got ANTHONY THISTLETHWAITE of THE WATERBOYS on it.
Simon - what are the other members of THE SOUND doing?
Adrian - Right, well Graham and Max both work for the same lighting co. which they started doing when THE SOUND was near the end, when we stopped paying out o£70 a week (wages). And then Dudley...he's the one I don't really see anymore. He's working for some place where you send in your details and it comes out on a computer what you should do. I was going to say something about working with FELT again, it was really funny 'cos one day the guitarist's girlfriend, who Lawrence used to call "bubblehead" 'cos she had curly hair, he was in the studio doing his vocals, and the take was going alright, he always insisted on doing things first take, when he just stopped singing in the middle of a song. l said Lawrence... are you all right? It was dark 'cos all the lights had to go out when he sang, so he answers back, Did "bubblehead" just walk in? (laughs) Did a girl just walk in? I can't sing if there are any women in the studio"! Another thing, I was doing backing vocals...
Simon - Are you on the L.p?
Adrian - well no I'm not 'cos I sang so badly' I was wearing these black trousers and Lawrence could have sworn I had flared trousers on, they weren't! But he made me change into jeans!
Simon - So he is a bit strange.
Adrian - He is strange yes, Lawrence is gone! His new band's called DENIM.
Simon - Yeah I've heard a track.
Adrian - Have you, is it good?
Simon - It sounded good. it had a "Glitter band beat", it still sounds like them 'cos of his voice, but it's definitely "off the wall". Were there any unreleased SOUND recordings?
Adrian - Yeah loads of things, there's a song called. "THE WILL","13 HOURS", "THROUGH & THROUGH"...
Simon - That's a great song I've got it on a live tape.
Adrian - Yeah it's got a real tirade of lyrics. "Through and through is everything, through and through is every part off you"; or something, what a track!
Simon - Do you have them on tape?
Adrian - No, I haven't I really miss them.
Simon - "THROUGH & THROUGH" was left off "THUNDER UP", were you pleased with the way that L.p. turned out?
Adrian - Yeah, it was done like a demo but we found out we had no choice but to release it as it was. We didn't want to re-record things, I mean "KINETIC" and "PROVE ME WRONG", the vocals were "done live with the band. "l GIVE YOU PAIN" has such a classic sort of feeling, such an atmosphere almost like an early DOORS track, as tense as "THE END", why change something like that?
Simon - Why did you remix "IRON YEARS"?
Adrian - What, with HUGH JONES? Just to have a single.
Simon - I like the remix.
Adrian - Yeah that is much better than the L.p. version actually. I really like that song.
Simon - I really love it!
Adrian - I listen to SOUND stuff now, being solo I can listen and be really objective about it, I still like the band, I know I would have been a fan of THE SOUND if I wasn't in them.
Simon - That's a good thing to say. Is there any stuff that you really don't like?
Adrian - "ALL FALL DOWN" side 2, I don't hate it though,..
Simon - It's a strange L.p.
Adrian - Yeah, there's something strange in there, it's not normal music "IN SUSPENSE" is great and "MONUMENT".
Simon - "IN SUSPENSE" is quite ahead of its time. Strange album, I bet the record co. loved it!
Adrian - They hated it (laughs) S
imon - When we met at the IGGY gig you were talking of getting "FROM THE LION'S MOUTH" out on C.D.
Adrian - It hasn't come out yet.
Simon -Is it still on the cards?
Adrian - No, WEA want o£3000 for each territory, it's a lot of money.
Simon- That's a shame, so they're just going to hang on to it?
Adrian - maybe they're waiting for me to have a solo hit and then they can go, Adrian Borland's early band"!! (laughs)
Simon - My copies a bit worn now'
Adrian - lt's the best l.p. we ever did. I think. Well that and "THUNDER UP", and maybe "HEADS A HEARTS", we always had that building up to something gap. I think we always had to build up to our classics! I think that's what happened with this new Lp of mine, "ALEXANDRlA" was a stopgap now I'm building up to a genuine classic record with the next one, I think you'll agree when you hear it. The thing with THE SOUND, and my solo stuff, I always want to make a different record, I always want to say something else. That's why you can't say that's a better version of that than that; we never made the same record twice.
Simon - "HEADS & HEARTS" had a very strange mood to it, not quite sad.
Adrian -There's more chance you'll find the next one sad. There's one song, "NOWHERE TO FALL", which is a real killer, it's about 5 minutes long and it just drifts along, that and "LOWLAND" are going to kill you! I'll warn you!
Simon - I can't wait! (laughs)
Adrian - I shouldn't be saying this to you'
Simon - It's torture! Are all your songs written from personal experience?
Adrian -Yes, all.
Simon - I've never understood people who say they write from other people's points of view.
Adrian -No I can't, how can you write songs like that? No all my songs are totally written from personal feelings always have been right from the start of THE SOUND that's what it's all been about.
Simon - Do you always know what the songs are about when you write them?
Adrian - Sometimes I don't but now more and more I do know, maybe that's a less exciting way of writing I don't know. I mean "UNWRITTEN LAW" I couldn't tell you what that's about.
Simon - I thought it was about revenge and justice.
Adrian - I was thinking more of suicide actually.
Simon - It's weird how people interpret songs.
Adrian - l shouldn't really say anything, 'cos a song like that is ambiguous, that's how it should be." We stab at our faith to keep it alive", that's a good line, but what does it mean? Perhaps it means we criticise ourselves to keep ourselves going, yeah that's a good start (laughs)
Simon - There are lots of songs I'd like to ask about, but we'd be here all day. What was "TEMPERATURE DROP" about?
Adrian - It's about leaving somebody. That's a good song, "Fire turns to frost dreams are lost as it dawns on you", that's a good line.
Simon - Do you spend a lot of time on the lyrics? Adrian - It just comes to me and I go YES, that makes perfect sense! Simon -Do you struggle with them?
Adrian - No I don't bother to struggle. If I don't write, I don't write. I don't spend my whole year writing songs, I write every now and then. If I sat there everyday and said I'm going to write a song, for a start I'd loose my inspiration 'cos I'd be treating it like a job, music should never be a job, no matter what level you're at, even it you're Bob Dylan. If I wrote everyday it would be very laboured and then if I used something that was very laboured that would become my standard. What I do is live, well I try to live, and I exist! Then I write songs about it when the moment takes me, I just know.
Simon - I think that sums up why certain people love THE SOUND - ADRIAN BORLAND, I think it's down to people identifying with the lyrics, it strikes a chord with certain people, maybe it only appeals/strikes certain people and that's the way it goes.
Adrian - Yeah.
Simon - I don't see anything wrong with that although you might want more!
Adrian - No that doesn't matter, whatever I do now, I've done a few classics and that's all that matters you know?
Simon - How do you actually write the songs, music first?
Adrian - No I write songs more or less together, I get my acoustic guitar and strum and sing along. There are moments when I sit down in a cafe and plonk a few lines together on a page, I might write a whole song like that, like a letter. I do refine more and more these days, to get rid of say a slightly naff line. Lines that I think, Christ, that's crap. Where it rhymes, but I just think, leave it out. I think I'm lucky that I write music and lyrics together.
Simon - What do think of the cover versions of your songs, like the ANNABEL LAMB version of "HEARTLAND"?
Adrian - Well I helped out on that.
Simon - Did you? I thought you didn't like it.
Adrian - YEAH, that's how I feel about it!
Simon - And the CASSELL WEBB version of "TOTALL RECALL"?
Adrian -No that was good, it was like slow motion.
Simon - I like the L.p
Adrian -Yeah I do, especially "WANDERING ONES" and "WHEN THE RAIN COMES DOWN" very lonely, beautiful music.
Simon - I can hear your guitar style in there. ..
Adrian - Yeah there is "Adrian Borland" in there, I really did help on that L.p. I co-wrote a lot of the songs. I'd really like to make another L.p. with her.
Simon - What was the WITCH TRIALS?
Adrian - The thing I did with JELLO BIAFRA. When JELLO came over to London he was hanging around with me and Graham. It was him reciting lyrics over a drum machine. I played some good guitar on that L.p. inventive guitar, but it all got credited to EAST BAY RAY, which really annoyed me. lt's been re-released now. JELLO'S great, he knows so much.
Simon - Did you enjoy the IGGY gig in January?
Adrian - Well I always enjoy IGGY I think he's a genius, he is my no. 1, always will be I guess now, yeah course he will. I mean I can understand other people not seeing him like I do, but there's something about him. I think it's the way he's struggled thro' and made it, and he's so fit looking it makes me sick'
Simon - You know the IGGY book. "THE WILD ONE"? It has a picture of him jamming with THE OUTSIDERS is that your band?
Adrian - Yes it is, is that in the new edition?
Simon - Yes it's in mine.
Adrian -THE OUTSIDERS were my first band. So, I'm in an IGGY book... YES!!! Do you want to hear about that then? We used to do "RAW POWER" live and for a joke I put him and DAVID BOWIE on the guest list 'BOWIE didn't turn up. But IGGY actually did I met him before hand, but I was like 19 and I couldn't think of anything to say to him I was just dumb struck. I mean this was my hero! so there I was. I tried to start a conversation about THE STOOGES ' but it didn't work. I said, "I think JAMES WILLIAMSON'S the greatest living electric guitarist. "Then he sort of said "Yeah..."He was drinking a whisky right, and he just said, "Yeah"! The time came for us to play and we started up "RAW POWER" and he jumps down the stairs and does the second verse with us, and there's all these cameras going oft left right and centre'
Simon - That must have blown you away!
Adrian - It blew me away, of course it blew me away' I was 19, I was just gone!
Simon - what do you think of THE OUTSIDERS stuff now? I've got "CLOSE-UP", which is o.k.
Adrian - "CLOSE-UP"s all right, it's pretty SOUND-like isn't it?
Simon - l like that song "OBSERVATIONS".
Adrian - Yeah it's very JOY DIVISION'
Simon - It cost's a bomb, something like o£ does the first L.p.
Adrian - Really, yeah that stuff's pretty awful although "ONE TO INFINITY" is o.k. and I think "CLOSE-UP' is actually on the verge of being quite a good band.
Simon - Yeah, that's what I like about all the stuff, you can see a path getting somewhere. You were young when you started THE OUTSIDERS.
Adrian - Yeah 19.
Simon - Did you want to be a PUNK band?
Adrian - We just wanted to be a band, we wanted to be more like an American band than a British PUNK band.
Simon - Did you do well?
Adrian - We played a lot of gigs, I wasn't aware of having any real fans (laughs.).
Simon - Did that go straight into THE SOUND?
Adrian - Yes it mutated into it. The drummer left, the new OUTSIDERS bass player was GRAHAM BAILEY.
Simon - Whatever happened to Bi, the keyboard player in THE SOUND?
Adrian - BI MARSHALL, BENITA BILTOO is her real name, she'd hate me for that! I really don't know, I saw here at the IGGY gig after I met you.
Simon - could she play?
Adrian - Yeah, well...not really. She could only play the things I gave her to do; she wouldn't develop her own style. She had to go really.
Simon - Ruthless!
Adrian - No it wasn't, it was heartless. Yes, she wanted us to become more like Ultravox or something!
Simon - Just as well she left! (laughs.) If you had the chance would you change the way you've done things?
Adrian - No, not a thing.
Simon - I'm glad I've had some people say to me, oh, THE SOUND, they never succeeded. But I say, to make 7 l.p's that you want to make your way, seems like a success to me!
Adrian - Yeah, why do people always think in terms of "making it" or failing?
Simon - A lot of bands, especially at the moment do.
Adrian - Yeah, I know my next L.p. isn't going to be a hit, that's not the reason I'm making it. I'm making it 'cos I think it's fucking better than the rest!
Simon - Did you tour the U.S.A. with THE SOUND?
Adrian - Well, we played 8 gigs, NEW YORK, PHILIDELPHIA, WASHINGTON, SAN FRANSISCO...It was 1983 and '84.
Simon - Who paid?
Adrian - Our label. I think the first tour paid for itself.
Simon - You should have gone over there more.
Adrian - Yeah, I think we'd have done well. We've still got fans over there, our bass player went over and he said there were loads of fans over there, hardly any have the records although they've got tapes. We could have sold a lot of records over there. Simon - Is there still an audience for you In EUROPE?
Adrian --Yeah, there's a much bigger audience over there, much more enthusiasm. There are always good crowds at the gigs. I'm actually quite well known in HOLLAND. The reason I live there, apart from getting away from Wimbledon for half the year, which is nice. Is that I went over there in '88 after THE SOUND split-up. We split in December '85 the last gig we ever played was 5/12/87,at ZOETERMEER, it wasn't the Paradiso split that we'd been aiming for!
Simon - Why did you split?
Adrian - Because I had this nervous depression, a nervous breakdown, so that's why we split. I've suffered from it several times since then. Simon - Does the music help you?
Adrian - Yes it does, well no actually; it doesn't make any difference it's just the way I am. THE SOUND took a lot out of me. Anyway I went to Europe, I met a manager in Haarlem. I don't live with him anymore but he introduced me to my band who play on the new Lp, they've done a brilliant job. The Lp.'s about a girl I met in Leiden in south central HOLLAND. It's my "South Central Rain"! It's a story, it'll probably get muddled up by the record co. you never know.
Simon - Have they come up with much cash for recording?
Adrian - Well o£10,000. S
imon - Is that enough these days?
Adrian - Not really!
Simon - Which SOUND L.p. did the best in commercial terms?
Adrian - "LIONS MOUTH" sold 100.000 worldwide.
Simon - That's a lot.
Adrian - Yeah, it was no.2 In Greece, no.9 in New Zealand, all kinds of weird territories!
Simon - Did you ever come close to the chart in England?
Adrian - No, not really, Holland we did. It's not easy though in Holland it's all pop bands.
Simon - Do you prefer Europe? Do you like England anymore?
Adrian - Yeah, I like England. I don't like Thatcher's vision of it, I hate the Tories!
Simon - Yeah, it goes unsaid!
Adrian - Does It! Can you tell from my lyrics?
Simon - Well yes I'd have been surprised it you'd said that you were a card carrying Tory! (laughs-).
Adrian - Yeah, I'm left wing, not extreme, I vote Labour. I think that what they're doing is largely right. Anyway, I like what England could be, not what England is, although I still love the place. Europe's fine except that it's not yours. The language is a problem. I can't speak a bloody word of Dutch!
Simon - One daft question is playing live as good as sex?
Adrian - It's better, especially when there's lots of people there!
Simon - What's your favourite solo song?
Adrian - Probably "SHADOW OF YOUR GRACE", from "ALEXANDRIA". I don't know why, it suits my mood, the way I feel. My favourite now is probably. "UNIVERSE OF YOU". on the new L.p.
Simon - It's a good title.
Adrian - Yeah, it was before Bowie's "Baby Universal". It's a great song. Also "LOWLAND", I really like my slow stuff.
Simon - They endure more perhaps, one a lot of people like is, "SILENT AIR".
Adrian - Yeah, it's a good song, but my new songs are better'
Simon - Do you really think that?
Adrian - Yeah I wouldn't carry on if I didn't think I was improving. But, obviously in the end you look back and say, well that's got it's virtues. If you write a classic in the past you can't always match your classics. But some become classics, they're not automatically classics. When I first wrote "WINNING" I thought it was a real trashy number y' know (laughs) I thought it was sub JOY DIVISION thrash. lt was meant to sound like "Boys Keep Swinging" by Bowie, can you believe it!
Simon - No! (laughs)
Adrian - Exactly!
Simon - Yeah. I think songs become classics from being "lived with".
Adrian - Yeah it becomes something, so we've got to write new songs with that attitude, to think, well this has possibilities, this could mean something one day.
Simon - Yeah I think a lot of bands forget that and go for the Instant hit.
Adrian - Yeah.
Simon - What's your favourite SOUND song?
Simon - Yes, that's mine.
Adrian - Really, there's something about that song. It's brilliant, it's the way it goes from E to A flat.
Simon - Oh right? (laughs).
Adrian - It's just not normal, it really builds up to that chorus. It's emotional, It's angry, it's a song about what you often feel when you're in love, you actually spend a lot of time feeling angry, I do. Just when you first start, before it gets boring! (laughs )
Simon - The intense part.
Adrian - Yeah, the best bit for me. It's the bit I always go for, that's why I never get involved in serious relationships, I'm always splitting them up' I'd love a serious relationship, that's what I'm searching for. Enough of that morbid talk!
Simon - The thing is if you get that the music will probably suffer! (laughs). I know you don't like being asked this, but how long do you feel you'll carry on?
Adrian - As long as I can. It's not obvious how long but I want carry on as long as I physically can.

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