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Adrian Borland - Last Days Of The Rain Machine (OOR 27-1-2001)

date: Jan 27, 2001



Last Days of the Rain Machine is a posthumous solo-CD from the ex-Sound mainman who died in 1999 and who was a master at the art of writing introspective, melancholic songs. Here he adds another 17 to his already impressive songbook, all recorded with no more than an acoustic guitar, 2 microphones and a 4 track recorder. The songs date from the years 1994 - 1998, including demo versions of seven heard on the second White Rose Transmission album, 700 Miles Of Desert, the band that Adrian started together with Carlo van Putten (The Convent). Songs with sadly revealing titles such as "Running Low On Highs" and "Love Is Such A Foreign Land" indicate that life was not always gentle with Adrian.

He begins hopefully with, "My spirit's free, you won't get me," in "Walking In The Opposite Direction", but by the second song "Inbetween Dreams", he already sings: "Passing time/Mocking time/Killing time/Inbetween dreams", and; "Sometimes dreams are all you need". All are very beautiful and revealing as is also the title-track; "We thought we could force nature's hand/But she turned her guns on us". Impressive lyrics, with strong, sober melodies. The singer has gone, hopefully to a better place, but he lives on in many wonderful, sad songs.

2001 BERT VAN DE KAMP translated by Rients Bootsma

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