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Adrian Borland - Live at Fulham Kings Head (Sounds 24-2-1990)

date: Feb 24, 1990


Fulham Kings Head

Adrian Borland's transition from band mainstay to solo artist has proved to be a much more positive and graceful elevation of his talent than Ian McCulloch's corresponding pale reflections of past glories. Having chosen the humble stage of the dingy Kings Head for his return, it proves to be a crowd winning exercise in self belief. Flanked by two bespectacled guitarists, this looks like Borland orchestrating a revenge of the nerds, but earlier reports of the band's shakiness are soon dismissed.

Only the second song into the set and the close of 'No Ethereal' sees one of his trademark guitar solos, intense fiddling with the battered Vox AC30 followed by some frantic wrestling with the guitar neck. 'She's My Heroine' is preceded by a dedication to Jeffrey Lee Pierce and someone recently deceased. Del Shannon perhaps? No, it turns out to be Jim Morrison but its "You wanna reach the end before you've even started" line is suitably ambiguous. 

Aside from a brief acoustic version of David Bowie's 'Sorrow', it is not until the recent songs have been completed that other areas are explored. This includes a fierce attack on The Doors' 'Break On Through' and a dive into The Sound back catalogue for 'Winter', 'Heartland', and an ecstatic 'Iron Years', charting his own transition as first he sings "We're a long way from Joy", then "We got so close to joy". If Adrian Borland has, in the past, found himself to be as popular as the Poll Tax, now is the time for change and his Citizens could be the vanguard of a new resistance. 

Rockford (Sounds 24-2-1990) 

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