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Adrian Borland - Missive from Adrian Borland 18 march 1999

date: Mar 18, 1999


London, March 18th,1999

Missive from Adrian Borland

Because I' m going to be, or have been, so busy with music this year I thought I' d let anybody who's interested, in on it. Firstly I' ve just finished producing and writing (most of) the next White Rose Transmission CD '700 Miles Of Desert' . Everybody involved worked hard but enjoyed themselves immensely and the end result is better than any of us expected. It's hard to be objective but I' II just say the final mastered slice of silver has rarely left my CD player. Carlo felt the same. I think it's quite an addictive record, perhaps it should carry a government health warning. It's 64 minutes of music but it doesn' t feel like it and it has a wonderful flow and atmosphere. Despite the fact that I don't sing on it, it's probably one of my favorite records I've been involved with (maybe because I don't sing!).

Anyway it's a journey I can recommend to anyone interested in moody guitar music with atmospheric beats and classical touches. In April I begin working with with Wally Brill (who produced "Heads and Hearts") on my 6th solo album. Six is my lucky number so maybe I'll find a wider audience with this one. This is going to be another epic. I might call it "Destiny Stopped Screaming" as I'll either finally get the music in my head on tape or I'll feel like quitting altogether, so it will fit either way! Other possible titles are "Body of Work #19", "Get me a Witness", "In the Field", "Land Meets Ocean" or "Harmony and Destruction". Please e-mail Red Sun with your choice! so I can ignore it anyway.

I'm really looking forward to recording this. Pat Rowles (Bass) has invested time and money into this because he felt so strongly about getting these songs out this century. Expect a more experimental approach but within a song context (still no jazz allowed). We'll be working with Pro-Tools so the only limits are money and imagination. After that the White Rose CD will come out and we expect to tour Germany and Holland in late June. While I should be gigging in October for my solo CD, I'll also be recording a 12 song acoustic record with Wally Brill using percussion, trumpet, violin, viola and atmospheric electric guitar.

Songs for this are already written, believe it or not, although the exact choice may change if I write a few significant songs in the summer. Expect 'Throat, Wire and Wood' to be released early next year. All 'The Sound' records should be available too, 3 new tracks for "All Fall Down" which were deemed too dark by WEA in 1982! a-ha. And also coming shortly "Propaganda", an unreleased 'The Sound' album from 1997 - pre-Jeopardy raw aggressive material. After that lot I will need a decent new year's party. Any offers? To those that still care, thanks, see you soon. You'll be hearing from me!

Adrian Borland

p.s.: Sane, as we speak.

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