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Adrian Borland - Punk star in suicide drama (Mitcham Independent 15-7-1999)

date: Jul 15, 1999



Parents blame police for son's train tragedy

Grieving parents of a cult punk rocker who threw himself under a train are to take the case to the Police Complaints Authority.

Robert and Winifred Borland, Hillview, Wimbledon decided on the action after the inquest into their 41 year old son's death this week. Mrs Borland, a 65 year old retired English teacher blamed police for not detaining Adrian under the Mental Health Act - even though he had a history of psychiatric problems and had tried to commit suicide before. Adrian Borland, a founder member of the cult group The Sound, was described by critics as one of the most creative and mature writers of the post-punk scene. His two albums 'Jeopardy' and 'From the Lion's Mouth' established him as a leading UK influence.

Westminster Coroner's Court heard this week that horrified commuters watched as Borland jumped under a train at Wimbledon station eariy on April 26. The night before his death police were called and Borland was brought home by officers. Early the next morning he threw himself under the train. Mrs Borland, a 65 year old retired English teacher said: "He didn't have to be brought home. Everything pointed to the fact that he needed medical attention." Pathologist Dr Robert Chapman gave the cause of death as multiple injuries. Mr Borland became involved in the London music scene in the 1970s when his band The Outsiders was the first of the punk groups to produce a full-length album on their own label As a solo artist, Mr Borland developed a cult following in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany and his songs often reflected a melancholy state of mind. A jury returned a verdict of suicide while his mind was mentally disturbed.

Wimbledon, Morden & Mitcham Independent 15-7-1999

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