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Honlulu Mountain Daffodils - Tequila Dementia review (Bucketful Of Brains 1988)

date: Aug 8, 1988


Zinger ZINLP4 (UK LP)

So where do Sabbat's "Iron Man", The Church's Steve Kilbey and the Stooges' Scott Thurston all hang out together? The answers here, on the second 12"er from the flourishing Daffs, I think……… Checkin' off the names, we got Lord Sulaco (vocals/fuzz guitar), Joachim Pimento (guitars), Daiquiri J. Wright (percussion backingvocals: more fuzz guitar) and Zoe Zettner (fuzz keyboards)- and there's always room for more fuzz! So Franklin Silverheels joins in on the title track too. Musically, these guys know their chops and that goes to make this album more "Spitting Image" than Mike Yarwood, thank Christ! "(I Feel Like A) Francis Bacon Painting" is an ace parody of Steve Kilbey's solo stuff- so close I had to jump up and check the, credits to make sure it wasn't actually one of the po-faced one's own songs!

The Stooges' keyboard player gets his on "Also Spracht Scott Thurston" (nice one! ) and Tony Iommi get's his riffs nicked on "Mule Brain (Brain Of Mule)". I never was a big Blue Oyster Cult fan but as they get a plug on the sleeve, I suppose "Disturbo Charger" is where they get their come uppance. How come I got do all the digging for you anyway? Apart from spotting the funnies, you get plenty of hot git troweled on top of the eight cuts and generally speaking this is fine fare indeed, so get some of your own and do not forget to adjust your stereo!!! 

Dexter Ward/Bucketful Of Brains 1988 

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