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Poptones to release compilation album

date: Aug 5, 2005


Alan McGee has posted a message on the Poptones website stating the label are to release their first UK compilation album on May 2nd. 

The message reads: 

"Repeating yourself is the call of the dead. Poptones the name came from the PIL album The Metal Box as does my club Death Disco it was the same with the last label Creation it's remembering why we put out records and where we come from. This is the first Poptones compilation we have done. We are 4 years old. Just about to go to school in human terms. The music we have signed recently excites me a lot. I always sign what I am into musically, I always have done. A joy and maybe a flaw but that's the way Poptones Records works. Poptones work with artists we like and admire rather than fit the Radio people's idea of popular culture. Sometimes you doubt whether people even care then you hear The Paddingtons or The Others and you realise none of that matters. All you want out of it is that this music exists. Other people can judge it. 

Thanks to John Lydon for letting me use the name Poptones and I want to dedicate this album to the late great Adrian Borland of The Sound whose music I loved and would have hoped would have enjoyed this music and maybe even helped us produce some of the records. 

Peace.. Alan McGee" 

Source: Poptones 2005 ( 

Track Listings 
01. Special Needs - Francesca 
02. The Paddingtons - Some Old Girl 
03. Thee Unstrung - Contrary Mary 
04. The Others - Stan Bowles 
05. The Glitterati - Do You Love Yourself? 
06. Echelon - Plus 
07. The Boxer Rebellion - Code Red (Demo Version) 
08. Pure Reason Revolution - Apprentice Of The Universe 
09. Soho Dolls - Prince Harry 
10. Killcity - White Boys Brown Girl (Andrew Innes Remix) 
11. Mission Control - The Last Trumpet 

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