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Second Layer - World Of Rubber review

date: Jun 6, 2007


Second Layer was an experimental project around the time of Adrian Borland's formation of the Sound . The debut EP "Courts Or Wars" is minimalist punk with a drum machine whereas the later "State Of Emergency" EP was pure discordant noise. Followed by the album World Of Rubber, one the grimmest albums Borland ever involved himself in. Heavy-metallish guitars, Suicide-style machine rhythm and ugly, grayish tones from an ARP synth sums up what you get here. 

The opener is an incendiary anti-war song. "The definition of honor is that hole in the side of your head...", "Underneath The Gloss", is enough to make your spine squirm and wonder if you're as sane as you think you are! Closing the album with "Black Flowers" one of the most funereal closing tracks I've ever heard, with a simplistic drum pattern, detuned bass and dissonant washes of either synth or organ (I'm thinking the former...) 

Second Layer was an electronic-based outlet for the Sound's Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey and it showed great potential, alas the Sound took up al the time and energy so Borland and Bailey never got around expanding their skills I think as a duo and with Borlands output they could have broken ground for an electro-industrial scene after all Borland's songwriting wasn't much less personal here than his writing for the Sound and a good contrast with the synths and drum machines.

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