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The Outsiders - Close Up review (Record Mirror 12-04-1979)

date: Apr 12, 1979


The Outsiders - Close Up - LP review

When I learnt that The Outsiders came from my home town of Wimbledon I couldn’t help feeling some allegiance towards them. However after hearing their album all I can feel is sympathy. The album opens with “Vital Hours”, a fast but restrained slab of old new wave. “Observations” follows and is a slower, thoughtful, Bowie-influenced number. So far so good. The moronic lyrics of “Fixed Up” add some humour to this conventional pogo-round-your-bedroom number. And that’s it. There are another eight songs on this album and they are all tuneless, messy efforts. Adrian Borland has a fresh voice but he can’t save the second rate songs from scratching on the unfortunate listeners’ ears. The band simply run out of ideas and churn out the same screeching guitar work. The Outsiders really have been extremely lucky to have had songs transferred from their cassette recorders, where they probably sound quite promising, onto expensive vinyl. I’m sure that good old Wimbledon can do better than this.

by Philip Hall (Record Mirror April 1979)

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