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The Sound - A Blistering Fire That Never Goes Out

date: Jan 21, 2009



A Blistering Fire That Never Goes Out

I have been meaning to write something about The Sound for quite some time, so here it comes ‘The New Dark Age’ of forgetting the past - an injustice that must be fought.

The Sound, if you hadn’t guessed are one of my all time favourite bands and possibly one of “best British guitar bands” of all time. Songs like “Total Recall”, “Monument”, “Hothouse”, “Sense Of Purpose”, “I Can’t Escape Myself” and many others are among my all time favourite songs and although released many years ago are timeless and full of purpose. The power and integrity of their music was unmatched and they literally soared above the crowd. They poured their hearts and souls into their music and their live shows were an experience you would never forget (A few of these have been documented by their release “In The Hothouse” and the Dutch Radio Recordings on Renascent Records -

The critics loved them and much has been written about them (, but why they were not huge, when bands like U2 literally took over the world, is one of life’s unexplained mysteries. Actually it was more of a tragedy, and something that haunted Adrian Borland till his untimely death in the early morning of April 26th 1999 after throwing himself in front of a train at Wimbledon Station.The Sound released six albums and numerous singles, which were mainly exceptional, with a few just brilliant. Adrian Borland also went on to release many amazing solo albums and also had several side projects on the go. One of his albums “The Amsterdam Tapes” which was released after his death in 2006 is incredible and a must have and it comes with quite a story - which you can probably find on this site

If you don’t already own any of their releases, you may want to correct that injustice immediately. 

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