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The Sound - All Fall Down review (Leonards Lair)

date: Feb 14, 2003


THE SOUND - All Fall Down 

As described by drummer Michael Dudley in the sleevenotes, The Sound's third long player 'All Fall Down' was an attempt to achieve the sales their record company demanded which must have been hard for the band to take when they had just produced what is generally regarded as their most complete album. But whilst this album is not exactly a sell-out it is clear that quality control was compromised to satisfy WEA's thirst for sales. 'Party Of The Mind' and 'Monument' are actually rather good songs; the former a passable uptempo rock effort and the latter a hopeful, tender tune.

On a deeper level they sneaked in a couple of uncommercial, angsty efforts with Borland's disenchanted montone and edgy guitar riffing to the fore. Unfortunately the problems on the album are laid bare by dividing the excellent 'Song And Dance' and 'Red Paint' with the slap-bass agony of 'Calling The New Tune'. As is often the case, the album bombed anyway and they signed to the considerably less famous Statik for their next release. 

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