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The Sound - BBC Recordings review (Head Heritage)

date: Oct 4, 2004


THE SOUND - BBC Recordings 

I've recently bought The Sound BBC Recordings double cd and can definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the first couple of Sound LP's. Disc one features two Radio 1 sessions - one Mike 'Relax' Read session and one John Peel session - and opens with a superb storming "Heartland". The excellent "Unwritten Law" follows and there's a great version of "I Can't Escape Myself" too. In fact, it barely lets up at all - the version of "New Dark Age" (with it's classic "From the safest places, come the bravest words" line) that closes disc one is excellent. 

CD2 features two 30 min 'in concert' shows - one from 1981 (which also features Heartland & Unwritten Law) and a later one from 1985 that closes with Missiles. They also come complete with Pete Drummond spoken intro's which take you back a bit!! OK some of the keyboards are a bit 80's sounding, and the packaging is a bit flimsy, but it reminds me just how talented a singer / guitarist / songwriter the late Adrian Borland was, and is well worth the tenner I paid. As band member Mike Dudley says on the sleeve, "I can't believe how good we sound". If you like The Sound, you will love this. 

Keith A. (Head Heritage) 

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