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The Sound - BBC Recordings review (Leonards Lair 2004)

date: Oct 10, 2004


THE SOUND - BBC Recordings 

The recent high quality batch of BBC Sessions releases (Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Clan Of Xymox) shows just how invaluable these recordings are to avid record collectors. Essentially a chance to improve or offer alternative takes of their studio originals, sometimes this output could sound like new material. The Sound's BBC Sessions are excellent; offering a paradigm for post-punk intensity and visceral thrills. Concentrating wisely on songs from the first two albums, the versions of 'Heartland' and 'I Can't Escape Myself' are particularly memorable.

The "in concert" recordings unsurprisingly suffer in comparison but they do offer a re-appraisal of their later, supposedly less fertile period. Frontman Adrian Borland demonstrates his intent by introducing 'Burning Part Of Me' as "This song is about the only way out". To conclude the 1985 set with early single 'Missiles' is another nice touch. Far from acting as a barrel-scraping exercise, Renascent Records have treated the Sound's music with the respect it deserves here. 

2004 - Leonards Lair -

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