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The Sound - BBC Recordings review (Uncut 2004)

date: Oct 5, 2004


REN8CD *****

Treasures unearthed from the 80s Beeb archives

"I can't believe how good we sound", writes drummer Mike Dudley in the sleevenotes, and indeed for fans of this colossal, neglected group, here's a find on a par with nectar on Mars. From various sessions and In Concert performances emerge four glorious bursts of adrenalin-dripping art-rock, too fast and furious but all the more exhilarating for that. On earlier songs like "Heartland" and "Winning", the late, great Adrian Borland was a match for any singer or guitarist on the planet at that moment. By 1985, frustration's creeping in, but on "Under You" and a scorching "Missiles" he makes it work for him. U2? Joy Division? Bunnymen? They pale in this band's shadow.

2004 Chris Roberts - Uncut Magazine

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