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The Sound - Calling the New Sound (Lynda Bedford 6-1-1983)

date: Jan 6, 1983


Calling the New Sound 

LOCAL BAND The Sound are searching for a new direction after releasing three albums in two years and becoming one of the most popular groups on the touring circuit. Their latest album, "All Fall Down" did not meet with much approval from the national music press, as lead singer and guitarist Adrian Borland explained: "The album received mediocre to bad reviews and I feel it could have been because it did not present one particular musical style. People expect an LP to have an overall sound even though a variety of ideas can make for interesting listening." Adrian, 25, who has dabbled in music and song writing since the age of 14, formed The Sound in 1979. The present line-up came together in January 1981 shortly after the release of their first album. Apart from Adrian the band comprises Graham Green on bass, Max Mayers on keyboards and Mike Dudley on drums and percussion.

Adrian currently resides in Raynes Park, Graham in Esher and Max and Mike in Kingston. Recently the group made their annual trip to Madrid for two concerts and this month they embark on a European tour. "We are very well known and popular in Europe" said Adrian. "whereas over here we are not promoted so extensively as we are primarily considered an album band." The Sound's recording career began on the Korova label, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers,who released what had originally been a demo tape, under the title of "Jeopardy". Adrian explained how the group secured their contract! "Someone compiled a tape of tracks by a number of local bands and sent it to Warner Brothers and luckily they signed us. Luck is a major factor though, and in my opinion bands should not try too hard and possibly compromise their ideals in the effort to get a deal, but try to do a lot of local gigs and make demo tapes and wait to be noticed by the right people, I think new bands can easily be exploited by the wrong record companies. Good management is more useful initially." A second album, "From The Lion's Mouth", followed but it was "All Fall Down" which proved most controversial. It has been accused of being highly derivative and a certain track entitled "Calling The New Tune" has been cited as something of a joke. Adrian understandably had something to say about this: "I don't think it is entirely fair to call us derivative. The groups that we are supposedly imitating all sprung up around the same time as us, people like Echo and the Bunnymen and the Comsat Angels, so how can - we be accused of copying them'?", he said. " 

Obviously we have common influences such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and Joy Division. Perhaps we are singled out because we have had to struggle while they haven't" Adrian told me that after their next tour they want to rethink their WEA contract which still has one year to run and possibly take a year off before making another record. "We don't feel that there is any worth in just producing LP after LP without looking ahead", he said. "We are looking for a new direction and may consider trying to find a new record deal. "We may not be so much of a live band in the future but one 'thing we almost certainly won't be doing is splitting up, as we all get along really well as friends and as musicians." One thing The Sound would like to do before they start re-assessing their music is to play a local gig at Kingston Polytechnic and they are hoping to arrange this for February. "We enjoy playing live although it is not particularly lucrative," explained Adrian, "but after the next lot of gigs I think it will be worth stopping for a while if we can get that touch of freshness and naively back into our music." 

by Lynda Bedford

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