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The Sound - Heads and Hearts 5 star review (Sounds 9-3-1985)

date: Mar 9, 1985


THE SOUND: They're all heart! 

THE SOUND - Heads And Hearts *****
(Statik STAT LP24) 

Surprisingly, 'Heads' comes before 'Hearts' in the title, which was originally to be 'The Giddy Limit'. The Sound's first album proper since 'All Fall Down' is a classically romantic affair of the old school, using to simple effect the sort of conventions they'd build respectful statues to after the most furiously successful of revolutions. Attacking the usual Joy Div/Velvets/Bunnymen comparisons, or even quoting Adrian Borland's lyrics, would be too... something or other, but as the fractured love stories bleed out their realistic action-numbing tension, there's a distilled coming-to-terms with such dilemmas as hopeless energy and frustrated desire. 

More superficially (perhaps), it's a joy to hear a guitar that means something, a musical unit so tightly meshed that power comes through -restraint and economy rather than histrionics. The production is invisible, boosting nothing, imposing upon nothing, just presenting what's there. Which is eleven extraordinarily vivid songs, seven of which are as beautiful as breath. Sad that the weakest, 'Whirlpool', opens, but in the unpretentious, searing honesty of 'Restless Time', the sullen, grinding 'Under You', and the dignified grandeur of 'Wildest Dreams', 'Burning Part Of Me' and 'Mining For Heart', there's more than enough to cherish till you perish. I could go on … 


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