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The Sound - Heyday single review (Sounds 1980)

date: Feb 12, 1980



One of our goldfish (Hubert by name, small but sweet, acquired throwing darts at a fair) has just died. Otherwise it's like Christmas again for me, what with three juicy looking white labels of three favourite bands and other useful singles garnishing them. But, watch out, better than them all, here comes an unknown treat ...

THE SOUND: 'HEYDAY' (Korova). This is one of the most exciting and most astonishingly adept big label debut singles I've heard since the Jam's In The City'. That's saying a lot, but it's backed-up fairly safely by the utter panache of the record. The SOUND, from London (!!), do the impossible and out-Teardrop The Explodes and out-Bunny the Bunnymen with a single of such arrogance that it must immediately shoot The SOUND to the heights of a Very Important Band Indeed. God, the ENERGY here! While they clearly cook-up parts of all the current essential influences, 'the Zoo-duo, Joy D and Fall, the SOUND manage to crawl out of the obviously obvious melange with their character and their own brand new set of rules intact.

The SOUND sound individual, brave and cheeky. Launching forth with the same sort of impertinent guitar racket that you'd associate with Thin Lizzy, 'HEYDAY' soon winds its thunderous way round a series of brash swoops and changes with guitar predominating (surprisingly for the times) over synth, which is teasingly recluse, till it finally charges to a close with a deafening, genuinely climatic all-heads-together flourish. It made me sweat and stop in my tracks: the SOUND sound, in comparison, much more together, production-wise much more assertive and definite than any singles on display this week hat their certain mentors have made. The SOUND are big and brassy. They pack a clout meaner and more effectively focussed than any other band I've heard this year. I'm totally hooked already. If you're humming Ultravox's Shadowplay' and feeling embarrassed that you can't find anything with the same urgency but with quality and emotive commitment to replace it. then look no further. Me and the one still living goldfish (Sam by name, the same fair) can't wait for their -album, 'JEOPARDY'. Truly, an amazing new name to toy around with. 


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