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The Sound - In The Hothouse review (Sounds 23-11-1985)

date: Nov 23, 1985


THE SOUND - In The Hothouse **** 
(Statik Records STAT DLP1) 


A strange feeling. For this is the first time that a concert I have attended has subsequently appeared as a double live album. Bootlegs excluded of course. And although 'In The Hothouse' bears scant resemblance to my memories of the way that the Marquee evening went, the title certainly hits the spot, and I am quite prepared to accept that these records do indeed represent a no overdubs situation. Adrian Borland gasps for breath as his vocals push at the rhythms and propel the feet The big bass drum bangs with an insistence and a regularity which would not have disgraced Joan Collins at her peak.

And the big bass guitar stalks and prowls and flows through the fabric of songs as fine as "Sense Of Purpose" and "Wildest Dreams": while the guitars weave and blend and batter and finally shatter across the stage. The sound of The Sound begins with the precise clear cut clean-limbed lines of a Simple Minds, but then steps with a sublime intent into a much more emotive, compulsive force. If Jim Kerr's stylish grace were to be cleansed and purified by the passion and physical power of, say, The Room or even Teardrop, then the result would be a wonderful sound. And this is a wonderful sound. 

ROGER HOLLAND (Sounds 23-11-1985) 

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