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The Sound - Jeopardy review (Leonards Lair)

date: Feb 14, 2003


THE SOUND - Jeopardy 

There's something deeply satisfying about the rawness and energy of the best original post-punk albums. Whilst modern day equivalents have the advantage of superior production techniques, groups like The Sound were just starting out on an all to familiar path of critical success but commercial indifference. Vocalist Adrian Borland's cry of "Who the hell makes those missiles?" on 'Missiles' now seems rather naive but the passion remains undisputed. On 'Heartland' they had an anthem on their hands that was every bit as anthemic as Joy Division's fresh and exciting 'Disorder'.

As one would anticipate for a debut, 'Jeopardy' is flawed particularly the new wave 'Words Fail Me'; it is the most uptempo track by far but it doesn't fit in with the dark heart of the album as a whole. Better are the more mature approaches from 'Unwritten Law' and 'Night Versus day' where the emotions and instruments are more controlled. The Sound re-appeared a year later in 1981 with the better-produced and better-written 'From The Lion's Mouth' but the debut reveals the vital signs of greatness. 

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