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The Sound - Live at Manchester Polytechnic review (Record Mirror 22-9-1981)

date: Sep 22, 1981

THE SOUND + THE COMSAT ANGELS Manchester / 'Polytechnic' 22-9-1981

The support band were The Comsat Angels, those mundane hippies who just can't keep pace. Their bland blend of immature pop ideals made few happy. Most were glad to see them go. But The Sound, well ... The Sound are creeping up on us all. We'll wake up one morning and they'll have become overnight pop stars. They're not perfect, but they're quite good. Adrian Borland may be chubby, and he may look fresh from behind the till at Barclays, but the brittle rhythms of his guitar compensate for his lack of outward pose; and he can sing a little too. But, of course, the money, The Sound's object tonight was the promotion of "From The Lion's Mouth', their current LP, and no doubt they made many new fans with their stylish brand of intense music. What more can I say, except that Graham Green plays neat bass, Michael Dudley plays mellow drums and Bi Marshall plays soulful keyboards that tightly draw up the threads of The Sound's wonderful sound. and everyone at Manchester Poly had a good night out. Listen to The Sound and watch your emotions stir.

Alan Entwistle (Record Mirror 22-9-1981)

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