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The Sound - Live at the Clarendon (Sounds 7-12-1985)

date: Dec 7, 1985



Hammersmith Clarendon 22-11-1985

THE SOUND are there, as usual, singing songs about pain and strong love and the reversible logic of the loner's life. They unveil eight new constructions (still waiting for the torch to reach the stadium), all of which, save 'Web Of Wicked Ways', punish the soul to movement. Gosh! They can still pull a crowd. Gosh! Adrian Borland smiles. I'm sure these things are important. The valour of descending chords, the vacillation from hysteria to serenity, the direct effect. I must have seen The Sound live about 25 times over the last five years (since way before I had to pretend I knew what I was talking about). This was among the very best. Songs that burn and fling.


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