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The Sound - Live at the Hammersmith Palais (Melody Maker 22-7-1985)

date: Jul 22, 1985


Midnight Oil/ The Sound 

Hammersmith Palais. London 08-07-1985

As Max Headroom would say, "M-M-M-Music can be an education." Did you know for instance that the entire population of Earls Court can fit into the Hammersmith Palais? And that when this happens the Palais bar staff report a tenfold increase in the amount of lager sold. All you need is an excuse to get them there. Midnight Oil apparently is the best one in ages.

Early on, The Sound gave their sweaty all for an audience who were there to drink, dance and do anything but listen to a support group. Even so, Adrian Borland still managed to pour more emotion into the space of 45 minutes than most do in a career! Tonight it was a well chosen almost-hits and near-misses package - "Winning", "Counting The Days", a new single "Temperature Drop", all poignantly finishing off with the apocalyptic "Missiles". 

(Melody Maker 22-7-1985) 

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