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The Sound - Live at the Marquee (Soundcheck! 4-9-1985)

date: Sep 4, 1985


THE SOUND - Live at the Marquee 

Another sellout, another heaving, screaming venue. The atmosphere - electric. The converted and the curious leaning on guitarist/vocalist Adrian Borland's every whim. In return the Sound gave it their all; teasing, challenging and contorting the audience into a musical rush. The set moved quickly from bouts of heavy textured drama into slow, indulgent emotions without losing, jading or slashing the concentration of their followers.

From the strange, gray vocals of "Winter" framed against stark acoustic guitar lines and flicking synth to the unrelentless vision and luxury of sound soaring out of "Counting the Days". From the fresh and on into the flesh and poetics of "Golden Soldiers". There was a glorious second coming in both the physical and spiritual demonstration on their numbers. The Sound are a multi-personality, passionate, driving and dirty - clean, dark and innocent. Schizophrenics of talent who wouldn't impress the girls on the beach, but I'll eat my surgical gloves if they don't cut a dash into the charts, blistering a trail behind the likes of U2 and Big Country. 

Hasi Howels / Soundcheck! September 1985 

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