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The Sound - Live at the Marquee (Sounds 14-9-1985)

date: Sep 14, 1985


SOUND live at the Marquee London 

Regrettably, Good old British Rail saw to it that I didn't sample much more than an hour or so of The Sound's stirring set, but, despite having never encountered them before, I was left wholly impressed by the performance. Their songs are guitar-driven and rafter-rattling in the best of rock 'n' roll traditions, even veering close to pop territory at times, yet the odd Joy Division trait also crops up here and there to shrug off any associations with melodic rock mediocrity. Keyboards uplift rather than soften, and an occasional as second guitar lends The Sound helpful flexibility.

It's rock stripped clean of metal's macho trappings, given free rein to take in a variety of influences and, whereas the almost stern, teeth-gritting band personalities won't demand of an audience as much as Freddie Mercury-style entertainer, the rousing, moody qualities of their songs are nevertheless enough to generate a warm rapport with the crowd. Apparently the gig was taped for live album purposes, a prospect I look forward to, if only to hear those songs which followed my (enforced) early exit. 

PAUL ELLlOTT (Sounds 14-9-1985) 

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