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The Sound - Live at the Marquee (Sounds 24-3-1985)

date: Mar 24, 1985


THE SOUND Marquee 21-3-1985 

THIS MAN is nothing special. Ordinary, normal, insignificant even. But when Adrian Borland straps on a guitar and grasps that microphone stand, out of him flows a crackling tension, a glowing passion that gradually radiates and bathes the whole audience in an illuminating light. The Sound are a band who retain faith... in love, in deadly truth, in the daily struggle. And in melody too. The music is tremulous and tremendous, an uplifting blend of fire, compassion and inner warmth. It doesn't break any new barriers and relies forcefully on the basic interplay between guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, with an occasional saxophone break. But the band's true strength is Borland: that voice cuts me dead every time - "I hold her to her word and she holds me till I'm still". 

George Michael should be ashamed to accept a 'Songwriter Of The Year' award while Adrian Borland draws breath. I mean, this man has written more classics than William Shakespeare! His 'Silent Air' is a song that stops hearts and gives people renewed hope, even in a sweat-stained Marquee with 'house full' signs up for the second night running. The Sound show bands like The Alarm that it is not only possible to convey anger and frustration using subtlety, sophistication and wit, but it's actually much more fun! The end was perfect, closing with a song full of defiance, determination, intelligence and a rousing chorus. It is called 'Winning'. 

JOHNNY WALLER (Sounds march 1985)

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