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The Sound - Live at the Ritz/New York (Big Takeover 18-2-1985)

date: Feb 18, 1985


THE SOUND (11/30 1984 Ritz) 

Most definitely a great band, this their second appearance in New York (they did Danceteria early in '83), this time they had an actual US release (summer 84's Shock of Daylight), so a few seemed like they were there for them. The Sound found them selves opening for the horrid Romeo Void (I think horrid) at this show, a break since the Ritz was thus a sell-out, and the Sound went over well, on the strength of their music (with the exception of the bassplayer Graham, they don't move on stage much either). I really liked their set choice too. 

They started gutsily with the quiet, chilling Winter' from Shock Of Daylight, and proceeded to highlight that LP as well as their upcoming March LP (as yet untitled), in addition to the new single 1000 Reasons' (very good; there were 3 exceptional new songs' 'Total Recall,' 'Burning part of Me' and Wildest Dreams' (I tell you. I'm really excited by the new material the Sound and the Chameleons debuted, it shows they're going. to be really strong for some time. It was also nice to hear 'Monument' from 82's All Fall Down. 'Winning,' 'Sense of Purpose' and 'Fire' from my favourite, '81's From the Lion's Mouth a time-tested classic), and their first Jeopardy from 80's 'Heartland' which they closed with.

They had to set the drums up in front of the drum riser (that's a switch huh, the UK band doesn't get the drum riser) which didn't help and they were only given 45 minutes, but they just went from song to song without delay, and the variety they cover is really admirable live. This group has been somewhat overlooked despite their vinyl output, but they don't seem to care too much, and I expect they'll be around for some time (including his first two bands Second Layer and the Outsiders, frontman Adrian Borland has been doing this 6 years now), so it's far from too late to find out what you missed if you did. sensual, interesting, melodic and thoughtful, the bredt in their catalogue is a deserved treat. 


1 Winter 
2 Golden Soldiers 
3 1000 Reasons 
4 Counting The Days 
5 Total Recall 
6 Winning 
7 Dreams Then Plans 
8 Burning Part Of Me 
9 Fire 
10 Monument 
11 Wildest Dreams 
12 Sense Of Purpose 
13 Heartland 


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