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The Sound - Shock Of Daylight review (Big Takeover 17-8-1984)

date: Aug 17, 1984


THE SOUND - Shock Of Daylight Review 


Another group I wish was well known is The Sound whose latest mini LP. Shock of Daylight is a triumphant comeback for them, a nice return from the interesting but obviously non-comercial All Fall Down, an LP whose lack of salibility effectively got 'em booted from Korova/Warners, and this first release on Static is a reminder of why they're such a great band, a real feel for pop dynamics. Borland himself, he's one of those really intelligent sensitive frontmen/leader whose got alot to say and says it through the music medium since interviews get scarse. And this is the most positive lyric writing I've seen from him. I guess his maturation process wasn't completed on 81's From The lion's Mouth after all. By the way, stay away from the 45 'Counting the Days' it's just 2 LP tracks, though they're both good if you're looking for an intro sort of thing. 

Jack Rabid (Big Takeover 17-8-1984)

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