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date: Jan 1, 1980


THE SOUND: 'Physical World' (Korova)
The Sound's dynamically cultured 'Physical World' EP is another favorite; monochrome, barbed metal music that sounds like a disgusting parody of Joy Division if you play it at 33 1/3 RPM. One of the most promising new groups I've heard lately. 

MELODY MAKER 11-9-1980 
THE SOUND: 'Heyday' (Korova)
Razor blade guitar and pumping bass push this post-punk song along with an adrenalin kick. Worth checking out … 

THE SOUND: 'Heyday' (Korova)
THE SOUND whose single "Heyday" has just been released on their Korova label, play a couple of London dates before joining the Echo & The Bunnymen tour. 

RECORD MIRROR 13-9-1980 
THE SOUND: 'Heyday' (Korova)
Having been told by various sources that this is a band to look out for, you immediately become hypercritical But this passes the test with flying colors - it's a catchy song, but catchy without being light and throwaway. The excellent drumming deserves a mention too. 

THE SOUND: 'Counting The Days' (Statik)
The Sound releases a new single this week, their first for Statik Records, coupling "Counting The Days" and "New Way Of Life" - and it's taken from their current mini-LP "Shock Of Daylight". The band is touring Europe at the moment, but are planning UK dates for early June. 

MELODY MAKER 21-11-1987 
THE SOUND - IRON YEARS (Play It Again Sam)
Surely the argument that The Sound are "just another rock band" is exhausted now that such bores as The Triffids. R.E.M. and This Patchwork Emaciation are being touted as more than sleep. 'Iron Years' from the criminally overlooked 'Thunder Up' boasts dynamics and a strident brass motif that any of the above, not to mention the Crucial Three old lags club, would eat their own toes for. Pathos oozes from every fluid joint. The Sound have an innate grasp of said quality, knowing when to understate and when to scream. The live "I Give You Pain" (a personal sentimental favorite) on the shadow side of this defiantly robust record is nearly enough to make you forgive "rock" all its ugly muscles, and is certainly enough to reduce your clothes to sniffles. Dignified survivors. 

SOUNDS 12-12-1987 
THE SOUND - 'Iron Years' (Play It Again Sam)
When you think of The Sound, you tend to think of stadiums, blood red skies, new gold dreams and so on, and then you remember that The Sound were that bunch who never made it. For maintaining a sunny disposition after all these years, for cranking out the ' rock 'n' roll against all the odds, for battling on regardless, they are to be congratulated. 

MUSIC WHEELS 12-12-1987 
THE SOUND - Iron Years (Play If Again Sam BIAS 49)
Yet another quite thrilling Adrian Borland composition of the sort that gets right under your skin and just won't let go. Give at least a couple of plays but above all do not ignore! 

SOUNDS 23-5-1987 
THE SOUND - 'Hand Of Love' (Play It Again Sam)
Perennial rock losers. The Sound have finally found their way down from the unhelpful arms of a major, through a relatively hip UK indie (Statik), to a totally obscure Dutch one. Is this where they were always bound for? It matters not, because this is a beautifully crafted, understated ballad, bereft of the bombast that has always ruined their potentially good efforts, and also one of the week's few credible love songs. Traditional rock with a Bunnymen undertow and nice with it... phew!

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