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The Sound - The Dutch Radio Recordings review (2006)

date: Sep 1, 2006


When Punk had mutated into New Wave in the late 70's and the smoke started to clear there emerged a few groups who played an important part in any music fans education in The Netherlands. Echo and The Bunnymen, The Comsat Angels and The Sound. Echo released their masterpiece 'Heaven Up Here' , The Comsat Angels 'Sleep No More' and The Sound 'From The Lions Mouth'. 

When 'From The Lions Mouth' was re-released on Renascent it was hailed as a classic. After having released BBC radio sessions Renascent has now put out five CD's with live shows The Sound performed in The Netherlands from '81 to '85. Anyone familiar with the 'In The Hothouse' live CD will have a good idea of what to expect. One of the best and most heartfelt performers of his era Adrian Borland with a superb band. Not the best guitarist not the technically best singer, struggling with the world, 'Missiles', and with his inner demons, 'I can't escape myself', he could also still be positive 'Winning'. Unfortunately the demons eventually won, but not after Adrian first left a great legacy with his later solo albums and in the hearts of the fans he touched through The Sound records and his live performances with The Sound. 

Listen to these performances and feel what we feel.

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