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The Sound - The Dutch Radio Recordings review (Punk Oi Uk 25-06-2006)

date: Jun 25, 2006



Emerging from the remnants of South London punk band The Outsiders, (who burned brightly around 1977/78 with a Stooges/Heartbreakers styled punk rock) The Sound came together in 1979, and quickly established a name for themselves amongst the burgeoning post-punk scene being signed by Warner records 'alternative' offshoot Korova, alongside the likes of Echo And The Bunnymen.

Debuting with the album 'Jeopardy' in 1980 the band went onto release an album most every year to critical, although crucially not great commercial success. Like a lot of bands of the period they enjoyed a good deal of interest in Europe, culminating in regular appearances at festivals and events in Holland, where the band built up an appreciative audience over the years This five album, slip-cased, budget priced series, although admittedly for completists or collectors only, is a nicely packaged collection (each release coming complete with facsimile of flyer, ticket stub, stage pass etc for each show) that showcases the bands development through the early to mid 80s. 

Taken from live radio broadcast recordings the sound (pardon the pun) is uniformly excellent, as they progress from their proto-post-punk bass driven/keyboard coloured, shades of Joy Division of the earlier sets, through a more confident immediacy and commercial flavoured mid period, reminiscent of Simple Minds, through to the latter period recordings where a more structured base and relaxed band seemed to be fully enjoying what they're doing. The mystery remains as to why they never achieved more commercial acclaim at home, perhaps the answer lies in the fact that they sounded part of the post-punk thing but never really were instigators or pioneers. Fans will adore this, the casual listener should check out their studio recordings first. 

Review by Sean McGhee - Punk Oi UK 2006 

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