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The Sound - The Dutch Radio Recordings review (Uncut 2006)

date: Jun 1, 2006


THE SOUND - The Dutch Radio Recordings Vols 1-5 

Rich archive of Adrian Borland's epic,troubled '80s band

Much-lauded bythe UK music press, audiences here never really took to Adrian Borland's ill-starred band, and in 1999 an embittered, mentally unstable Borland finally, threw himself in front of a train, still desperate for the acclaim that seemed always to elude him. It was a different story on the continent, however, where The Sound were idolised. 

You can hear the passion they excited in their audience by the general racket made by the crowd at these 5 shows recorded by Dutch radio between 1981 and 1985 (and on sale separately), which on several occasions capture the band at a fearsome peak. The serial frustrations that made Adrian's life such a misery are everywhere apparent on the later discs. where the music has an unbearable urgency and an itimidating intensity, especially on concert stalwarts like "Winning", "Heartland" and "New Dark Age". 


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