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White Rose Transmission press releasesheet 15-9-1995

date: Sep 15, 1995


Strange Ways-CD/Indigo 1216-2 
PubIished by Strange Ways Records / Hanseatic 
Vö: 15.09.1995

WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION was originally an idea of Carlo van Putten, who considered for quite some time, a way to present his poems. First planned as an informal project, but eventually resulting in the release of an album. Carlo has become known in the last two years as the singer of The Convent, in particular through their fantastic second album "Tales From The Frozen Forest" which was produced by Mark Burgess (Chameleons). A cover version of "Winning" was among the tracks included, a New Wave classic by The Sound from 1981. They sent a copy to ex-Sound vocalist Adrian Borland, who was suitably impressed. As a result The Convent and Borland toured Germany together during which time Adrian and Carlo had the opportunity to get to know each other and subsequently decided to collaborate on the WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION project. In addition the Convent's multi-instrumentalist Florian Brattman became involved. 

On White Rose Transmission's untitled debut album the skill of the musicians is immediately apparent and more importantly it is clear that they are able to explore new areas outside the normal scope of their band or solo recordings. The songs are calmer and more 'pop' than those of either The Sound or The Convent, yet they possess a certain feeling, that can only be escaped from, if you are, what they might call,'ice cold'. 

In the 80s Adrian Borland produced among other things the Cassell Webb album "Llano", which was notable for its beautiful arrangements and melodies. In songs such as "Unkissable" and "Allein" WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION demonstrate similar qualities. The melancholic mood of the album fits in well with the oncoming autumn, every now and then you have to pinch yourself so as not to be overwhelmed by the moving melodies. All three members emerge as composers, while the album also includes a cover version of the Doors' Indian Summer, Jim Morrison being an avowed idol of van Puttens. Intricate songs such as "Street Of Flowers" and "The Sea Never Dies" emerge as some of Borland's best songs ever. "In Your Hand " and "Thorn Of A Rose" meanwhile are ideal for evening and nighttime radio. Three of the thirteen titles are sung in German; the driving song "Allein" could become (despite the title) the dance hit in the Wave temples. 

Of course The Convent will continue to exist, October sees the release of the mini album "Mocha For The Lions", which coincides with a tour with Paul Roland. Adrian Borland has also just released his third solo album "Beautiful Ammunition" and is already writing new songs.

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