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White Rose Transmission - W.R.T. review (INTRO 10/95)

date: Oct 2, 1995



The project of two well-known musicians: Carlo van Putten, singer of German New Wave of New Wave hopefuls THE CONVENT and initiator of this project, along with Adrian Borland ex-mastermind of the British cult band THE SOUND and currently a solo artist. The idea of presenting his poems in some way was considered by van Putten for quite some time. In Adrian Borland he found a competent partner, who gave him the musical support he needed.

The prevailing mood of the album is one of dreamy melancholy and the gentle, deep melodies, which never sound cliched, would melt even the coldest of hearts. The production is clearly very much shaped by Borland's extensive experience and noticably carries his 'mark' which also worked to his advantage in relation to his solo albums, above all Alexandria. Third man in the group is the earlier Convent multi-instrumentalist Florian Bratmann, who has also co-written several of the songs. Three of the 13 tracks are in German, with "Allein" even a possible hit in the discotheques. Ultimately a very successful debut particularly recommended for autumnal nights in front of the fire.

Christian Schlage - INTRO 10/95

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