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White Rose Transmission - W.R.T. review (Strangeways 12-7-1995)

date: Jul 12, 1995



This is The Sound of 1995! A side project of Adrian Borland - the voice of The Sound and Carlo van Putten of the 'German Chameleons' The Convent. One week of continuous rain, spent reading Nick Caves' book "And the Ass saw the Angel" and with White Rose Transmission as a soundtrack of pure melancholy, demonstrates a suicidal taste. Very beautiful dark, heavy arrangements from the deep catacombs of the abandoned soul.

Three songs are in German, which is an extra attraction, since such a thing is rare today. One constantly waits for "All Fall Down" a 90's version of the 1982 Sound album of the same name. A really great album, that shows the black smocks, like dark SOUNDS to be made, without stinging in embarrassing ness with flight powder.

Strange Ways NILS

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