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White Rose Transmission - W.R.T. review (Zillo 11/1995)

date: Nov 5, 1995



A project involving Carlo van Putten (The Convent, vocals), Adrian Borland (ex-The Sound, guitar) and Florian Bratmann (keyboards and programming). The beautiful part is that even with this pedigree the band's style is not limited in any way. Carlo's singing and Adrian's guitar playing are easy to recognize at any time, however White Rose Transmission are as much capable of producing piano ballads as rock-songs, romantic guitar-music as for Spinett waltzes, Doors covers or Chameleons-like wave, as well as all points inbetween.

With the best will one cannot really conveniently 'pigeon-hole' this album (although Borland tries with the term, "techno blues" however who knows what that is until they've heard it?). German and English lyrics are utlised and the three members leave no doors closed musically, nevertheless the songs never sound half-baked or less than fully-formed. A versatile album for people who enjoy something different.

Manfred Upnmoor ZILLO 11/95

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