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  1. Godelief Willemse 18-11-2016 22:51 Arnhem, Netherlands

    Today I saw the documentary 'Walking in te opposite direction', at Idfa Amsterdam, about the life of Adrian Borland. I am touched by the moving life of Adrian and his disastrous disorder. The Sound was very important for me during my student time, and also nowadays. His beautiful voice, hopeful and 'doorleefde' lyrics means a lot to me (especially during sad episodes). I feel much respect for Adrians father Bob, who was very helpful in his life. And, finally, 'hulde' for the builder of this website and the makers of the film!! You showed me that silence Can speak louder than words.

  2. Charlie Sweeny 16-06-2016 07:47 Los Angeles, USA

    58 and in L.A. Just discovered Adrian on YouTube yesterday. Love 'Universe Of You' and 'Night Cascade.'

  3. Mark 27-04-2016 14:31 Almere, Netherlands

    Seventeen years ago yesterday... Still sadly missed.

  4. JR Bicaldo 26-04-2016 04:08 Manilla, Philippines

    In Loving Memory - Dec 6 1957 - April 26 1999 - Gone but not forgotten!

  5. Dan Rivers 26-04-2016 00:30 Spain

    Como me gustaría que aun estuvieras vivo y conversar contigo... y hacerte sentir lo valioso q eres!

  6. Eloisa 13-04-2016 23:01 Spain

    Como quisiera que estuvieras aqui .... eres y serás eternamente recordado... por tu originalidad y creatividad ... amo tus canciones .... gracias por acompañarme !!

  7. Jeroen de Haas 16-12-2015 00:07 Leiden, Netherlands

    I remember when i was 22 i went out in Leiden (was a fan of the Sound) and he just stood there in the middle of the street. We yelled Adrian!! and he loved it. Then i didnt know what to do, so i just moved on. And he looked perplex. He was so longing for recognision and didnt see the many ppl that loved him and loved his music. He wanted to be u2, and u2 is not u2 anyrmore. Big lesson for me. I love the sound, it will always be part of my heart.

  8. Blue Astronaut 01-12-2015 16:48 United Kingdom

    Knocked out. After all these years. Brilliant. Glorious !

  9. Frank 13-06-2015 08:32 Germany

    Today I bought a new record player, as my was old one was broken for several years. "from the lions mouth" is the first album, playing right now ...

  10. Josef K 26-04-2015 05:10

    Thinking of Adrian today on the anniversary of his death and wondering what may have been. Consoling myself with this weeks limited release of "Propaganda" 2 x 10" lp that i got on ebay .It's a great piece and i am sure Adrian would have been proud . Thanks