Adrian Borland & The Citizens - Alexandria

album cover for Adrian Borland & The Citizens - Alexandria
Release Date: 1989
Album Image 2: images/discography/alexcas.jpg
Album Code : BIAS125CD /
Record Label: Play It Again Sam
Album Tracks:
  1. Light The Sky 
  2. Rogue Beauty 
  3. Beneath The Big Wheel 
  4. Community Call 
  5. No Ethereal 
  6. Other Side Of The World 
  7. Crystalline 
  8. Shadow Of Your Grace 
  9. Weight Of Stuff 
  10. She's My Heroin 
  11. Deep Deep Blue 
Album Notes: Personnel:
Adrian Borland: Guitar, Vocals
Colvin Mayers: Keyboards
Neil Rickerby: Bass Guitar
Danny Thompson: String Bass
Graham Ward: Drums, Percussion
Anthony Thistlethwaite: Saxophone, Harmonica
Simon Walker: Solo Violin
Eddie Sayer: Percussion
Richard Kirstein: Clarinet
Chris Paine: Keyboards, Piano

Other Details:
Recorded at Elephant Studio London Jan-Feb 1989
Written arranged and produced by Adrian Borland
Co-produced, Engineered & Programmed by Nick Robbins
Strings Arrangements by John Metcalfe
Mixed by Pat Collier at Greenhouse Studio
Sleeve by Barbery
Phothography by Paul Evans

Thank you to Graham Sharpe, Nick Robbins, Derek (I'll bring the glasses back someday!), Those that popped up to see me, the great music of the last 25 years, all my friends near and far, Anto; I still can't believe you used up your day off like that and You! Who?

Songs were written in 1987/1988
It's, um, formative O.K.?

Love Adrian
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