Cassell Webb - Llano

album cover for Cassell Webb - Llano
Release Date: 1986
Media Type: LP,CD
Album Code : VE22
Record Label: PIAS / Statik
Album Tracks: 1. Llano 
2. Voices To Rivers 
3. In Arcadia 
4. Everytime I Get Around You 
5. Total Recall (A. Borland) 
6. Gypsy Solitaire 
7. Wandering Ones 
8. When The Rain Stops Falling
Album Notes: Cassell Webb: Vocals 
Adrian Borland: Guitars, Backing Vocals 
Craig Leon: Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Orchestral Arrangements 
Andrew W. Ellis: Backing Vocals 

Other Details: 
All tracks by C. Webb, A. Borland & C. Leon 
Produced by Craig Leon & Cassell Webb 
Recorded and mixed at the Wisseloord Studios, Holland 
Engineers: John Schinas, Craig Leon & Michiel Hoogenboezem 
Mastered at Tape One studios, London by Jack Adams 
Design by Icon, London 
Photography by Andrew W. Ellis
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