Dole - The Speed Of Hope

album cover for Dole - The Speed Of Hope
Release Date: 1986
Media Type: LP
Album Code : POL281
Record Label: Polydor
Album Tracks:
  1. Slumberland 
  2. The Dream 
  3. Tequilla 
  4. I Say 
  5. Rum Road 
  6. A Day 
  7. Third Man 
  8. Satellite 
  9. Rare Scents 
  10. Rumroad (extended mix) 
  11. The Wreckaway 
  12. Slumberland (new mix)
Album Notes: Remy Willieme: Vocals 
Pierre Balleux: Bass 
Michel Biver: Guitar 
Eric Bussienne: Keyboards 
Pierre Istace: Saxophone 
Marc Ridremont: Drums 

Other Details: 
Produced by Adrian Borland 
Engineered by Luc Tyigar at Pyramid Studios in 1986 
This album was released with 3 different covers and the track 'Tequila' was replaced by 'Maybe Tomorrow'
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