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Honolulu Mountain Daffodils - Aloha Sayonara

album cover for Honolulu Mountain Daffodils - Aloha Sayonara
Release Date: 1991
Media Type: CD
Album Code : MISSCD1199
Record Label: Mission
Album Tracks:
  1. Avenues And Alleyways
  2. Huricane Marilyn
  3. Electronic Alcoholic
  4. Drug Dog Girl
  5. Rhine Women And Song
  6. Farenheit 192
  7. Grungeda
  8. Stigmata Non-Starter
  9. Psychic Hit-List Victim no.8
  10. Slaughterhouse Blues
  11. Chien D'Enfer
  12. Celestia Siren Song Of The Wind Surgeons
  13. Aloha Sayonara
  14. Kramer Versus Williamson
  15. Bathtime For Beelzebub
  16. Free Men Of Mauna Loa
Album Notes: Lord Sulaco (Pete Williams): Vocals, Fuzz Guitar
Joachim Pimento (Adrian Borland): Guitar
Zoe Zettner: Keyboards, Fuzz Guitar
Daiquiri J.Wright (Graham Pearson): Percussion, Fuzz Guitar
Franklin Silverheels: Fuzz Guitar
Smoky Alvaro: Bass Guitar

Other Details:
Produced by Joachim Pimento
Engineered by Speedy Gonzales
Recorded at Castle Studios
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